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Including Precision Optics Positioner/Lens holder/Mirror holder/ Polarizer holder/Shutter/Adaptor/Fiber holder and holders used in Opt-station.
    Products with * mark(Fiber holder) are listed in Fiber Optics Guide only.
Line Up:

Precision Optics Postioner/ Adapter
Fixed Mount
Holder : F01
Optics Positioner : F02
Precision Optics Positioner : F03
Lens Adapter : F510A
Objective Lens Adapter : F510B
Collimation Lens Adapter : B510C
Pinhole Adapter : F510F
Iris Diaphragm Adapter : F510G
LD Adapter : F510L
Isolator Adapter : F13
Selfoc Lens Adapter : F14
Ferrule Adapter : F15
Rotator : F19

Polarizer Holder
Polarizer Holder : F62

Polarizer Holder : F63
(With Fine Adjustment)

Polarizer Holder : F64-30N
(With Tilting Mechanism)

Upper Operable Mirror Holder : F52
Polarizer Prism Adapter : F65
Polarizer Prism Holder : F69
Motorized polarizer Holder : K491
Prism Holder : F60 / F61

LD Holder
LD Holder : F125
(To-Package type)

LD Holder : F126/F127
(Chip- Carrier type)

Watercooled Adapter : F291-1

Fiber Holder
*Fiber Holder : F260
*Connector Holder : F261
*Ferrule Holder : F262
*Fiber Array Holder : F267
*Fiber Holder (For Closer-Proximity): F263

Fiber Rotator (For Closer-Proximity): F265

*Fiber Rotator : F264

Fiber Rotator : F266

*Waveguide Holder : F270 / F271

Lens Holder
Lens Holder : F40
Self-Centering Lens Holder : F42
Bar Type Lens Holder : F44 / F45

Mirror / Lens
Mirror Holder : F50
Side-Operable Mirror Holder : F55
Precision Mirror Holder : F51

Upper-Operatable Mirror Holder : F52

Small-sized Mirror Holder : F58N
Beam Steering Holder : F110N
Simple Type Mirror Holder : F56
Square Type Mirror Holder : F53

Laser / Pinhole
Filter Holder
Round circle laser holer : F20/F21
Variable Pinhole Holder : F70
Iris Diaphragm : F74-3N
Variable Slit : F112N
Filter Holder : V72-1

Filter Holder : F72-4
(Plate Spring type)

ND Filter Holder : F71N
(Permeability Variable)

Spacial Filter Holder : F111

Light Path Shut-off
Switch / Controller : F116

Power Meter Holder : F117
Camera Holder : F119
Manual Shutter : F76-4

Shutter / Controller : F77

Opt-Station Holder
Mirror Holder : F531
Precision Mirror Holder : F534
Lens Holder : F512 / F513
(Lead Removing)

Optics Positioner : F502
Fixed Mount Lens Holder : F511

Iris Diaphragm Holder :
F511G / F512G

LD Holder :
F511L / F512L / F513L

Pinhole Holder : F512F / F513F
Polarizer Holder : F541 / F542

Polarizer Prism Holder :
F543 / F544

Prism Holder : F551 / F552
Filter Holder : F561
Light Path Shut-off Switch : F573
Alignment Target : F580

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Founded in 2002, SpectraCore, Inc. is the sole North American distributor for Suruga Seiki, Co. Ltd, an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of micro-positioning stages and auto-alignment systems for the photonics, opto-electronics, bio-medical, nanotechnology and optical component manufacturing. From university R&D to large scale system solutions for component and device manufacuturing, the SpectraCore, Inc. and Suruga Seiki partnership offers you and your organization the latest in alignment products and technology.

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