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Founded in 2002, SpectraCore, Inc. is the sole North American distributor for Suruga Seiki, Co. Ltd, an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of micro-positioning stages and auto-alignment systems for the photonics, opto-electronics, bio-medical, nanotechnology and optical component manufacturing. From university R&D to large scale system solutions for component and device manufacuturing, the SpectraCore, Inc. and Suruga Seiki partnership offers you and your organization the latest in alignment products and technology.
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Manual XYZ Multi Axis Dovetail Compound Stages

Dovetail XYZ multi axis compound movement in which an X axis feed screw and Z axis rack & pinion are integrated
A stage with a unique structure with excellent operability and a small footprint.
The clamp is a combination of a set bolt X axis and a cap bolt or knob YZ axes)
Slide the X axis and insert the mounting bolt to fix the stage
Stage Face size: 25x25mm, 40x40mm, 60x60mm
Load Capacity: 1.0kgf (9.8N), 1.5kgf (14.7N), 0.5kgf (4.9N)
XYZ B09 Pg 50.pdf
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