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Optical Tables

Line Up

Steel Honeycom
Air-Spring Vibration Isolator Tables
Air-spring orifice is installed into a high-rigid steel honeycom optical table for enhancing its performances of advanced optical experiments and accurate measurement.

Additional air-spring and higher specifications with enhanced vibration isolation : J01

Standard specifications with 360-degree 3-D vibration isolation : J02

Standard hand gliding pump; Useful even in a place without air supply : J03

Economic type with the required minimum specification : J04

Steel Honeycom
Rubber Type Vibration Isolator Table : J05
This product uses a steel honeycom optical table with high rigidity and applies vibration control rubber for vibration control function. Compared with air-spring vibration isolator table, it outperforms in cost.

Desk Type Air-Spring Vibration Isolator Table : J05
This table emphasizes on the effective usage of space, workability and operationality.

By the installation of optional side desk and monitor desk, establishment of good system space for each experiment and accurate measurement are possible. (Also available in Rubber Type)

Active Vibration Isolator Table : JS
Combining "Steel Honeycom Optical Table" and most advanced "Active Suspension", various vibrations from the floor, the operations and actions on the optical table can be forcibly killed by the computer control. This table realizes the highest level of vibration control and high speed damping.

Desk-top Air-spring Vibration Isolator Table : J07
Placing on existing tables for small-spaced optical experiments and for the use of accuracy measuring machines.

Please select from 3 types: For Optical experiments/ Accuracy measuring machines/ Clean room use.

Steel Honeycom Optical Table
Simply placing on existing tables to make secured space for optical experiments.

Optical Experiment Table emphasizing on high rigidity : J08

Slim-sized Steel Honeycom Optical Surface Table emphasizing on experiment space and cost-down : J09

Aluminum Breadboard : A64
Placing on existing tables to establish an experiment system unit within a small space.

Due to its small size, the removal and storage of the system unit on a breadboard is easily handled.

Other Lineups
Measuring Machine's Rack : J11
Sectional Blackroom : J12
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Founded in 2002, SpectraCore, Inc. is the sole North American distributor for Suruga Seiki, Co. Ltd, an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of micro-positioning stages and auto-alignment systems for the photonics, opto-electronics, bio-medical, nanotechnology and optical component manufacturing. From university R&D to large scale system solutions for component and device manufacuturing, the SpectraCore, Inc. and Suruga Seiki partnership offers you and your organization the latest in alignment products and technology.

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Optical Tables

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